- Inform the Longevity Institute about your health problems, health and diet history, age, weight, height, waist circumference and in particular about any digestive symptoms by an e-mail addressed to edv@longevinst.org.

Should you be on prescription drugs,mention them by name, because many pharmaceuticals reduce the absorption and/or the utilization of the minerals and vitamins found in food (and in supplements).
Long terrm use of prescription drugs may lead to chronic mineral and vitamins deficiencies.
An example is the effect of antibiotics, inducing a deficiency of the vitamins of the B group and resulting in an overwhelming fatigue, irritability and other ailments.

Your message may be written in English, French or Dutch as long as you accept an answer in English.


- Thank you very much for this e-mail. I am impressed of your interest  and research in the  field , that all of us desperately need to  direct our interests on—in this  21st. century  diseases and health problems. Health and well being in all areas,  not just supplements, but diet, that plays important role to  recover from what ills us all. What impresses me most is your dedication to your mission, especially, when its ventured to  personal basic needs of people.
This is the first time I experience, that pills and  any  product ,  even of natural origin is not  pushed,  sale pitched, just for me to  spend my money.  Way to go, you gained my respect. I will share the way you treat your clients. s/A

- Hi Dr Ed, I just wanted to thank you again for the treatment you gave me for my ......., it was gone in just a few days. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.  s/ B

 - I have recovered remarkably, because my doctor and every one else as well told me "It will take  you at least 3 months to recover"  Well I am out of hospital barely a  month and I am fit now, I can ride my horses and do my work. Thanks to you, fresh air and exercise. With kind regards. s/ B.

- About a year and a half ago, I emailed you and asked if you could give me some advice about how to treat my then recent diagnosis of ............  You were very kind and spend much time emailing me back and forth asking questions and giving advice.
I have faithfully followed your advice and the results have been remarkable.  Soreness in joints and muscles completely left within 30-40 days of starting your advised regiment.  I stopped taking the medication that was prescribed for me last June completely and I am just following your recommendation. 
 I also have been more careful with my diet (most of the time) and try to each mostly fruits, vegetables and fish.  (Also at your suggestion.) I feel wonderful, and I just wanted to let you know and to thank  you for taking the time to read my email and offer your advice. s/ C.

- My wife has been taking the five products you recommended and has had no pain in three weeks. Even better news is her doctor said this good news could not be from the prescribed pharmaceutical because it hadn't had time to work yet (but of course continue to take it because only drugs work) so she has cut back to one pill every other day and is going to wean off of it if there is no more pain. s/ J.

- Thank so much for the information you sent me about .............. It was very helpful, have a great and blessed day. s/ E.

- Thank you ~ that's exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate your extra effort. Thanks so much. s/ R.

- Thanks so much for tackling these questions head on and giving me a well-considered and thorough answer.  Very kind of you and a great credit to your professionalism. s/ S.

- Thank you for your speedy reply. I've looked at your information that you supplied and it was very helpful, thank you for that. s/ V.

- Thank you sincerely for such a detailed reply. I know my daughter will be very impressed and interested and I will encourage her to follow the suggestions you have made. s/ M.

- Thank you so much Doctor for all your wealth of information :)   I will read those links you gave me...  Enjoy your day today :). s/ P

- Dear Doc Ed- Thanks for the response- it was very helpful. s/ G.

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