In a video chosen at random from similar documents available on Youtube you will see five abusive actions from the childbirth assisting team

1 – Bright light

2 – Loud voices

3 - Premature clamping of the ombilical cord.

Observe the swollen ombilical cord at the time of the clamping.
NOTE: When a baby is born his heart continues pumping blood through the umbilical cord (UC) toward the placenta where it releases its CO2. That blood comes back through the UC loaded with fresh oxygen from the mother. As long as that back and forth circulation exists it maintains a swelling of the UC (clearly visible in the video).

In natural birth (without premature clamping of the UC) the blood circulation of the newborn very gradualy switches from the UC and from the oxygen providing placenta toward the lungs that until then were not aerated. At birth the lungs slowly begin to fill with air when the newborn starts breathing first with hesitation, than with more determination.

The whole process may take several minutes to complete. Meanwhile the newborn benefits from TWO oxygen sources. The process is perfectly natural and there is not the slightest medical reason to disturbed it.

How can you meanwhile evaluate the condition of the newborn?
While the blood circulation switching process is in progress the condition of the newborn can easily be evaluated by three parameters: 1 - Skin color, 2 - muscle tone and 3 - newborn heart rate. Skin color should be rose, muscle tone is verified by pulling gently on one leg and the newborn's pulse is easily accessible in the UC.

4 - Separation from the mother

5– Intensive (and useless!) rubbing of the newborn


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