TABLE OF CONTENT BY TOPIC                                                              (Updated: October 2011)

Nutritional and Supplemental Information

- Customized Nutritional Guidelines to Improve Your health

Diet and Supplements

-The great importance of the vitamins of the B group (nlt19, edited 5/29/02. Updated October 8,2011)
-A Low Fat Diet Is A Health Hazard (nlt13, edited April 9, 2001. Updated February 8, 2006)
-Flu protection by natural means (nlt/flu, Edited May 2009, updated June 2011)
-Minerals Scarcity In Our Diet (nlt16, Edited October 10, 2001. Updated October 2002)
-Our Western Diet (nlt13e3, Edited April 9, 2001. Update June 2, 2003)
-Supplements. Why Should You Take Supplements? (nlt1, Updated: July 2010)
-Supplements Can Interact with Pharmaceuticals. (nlt4, Updated: July 2010)
-The Oiling of America, a Fat Mistake (nlt/oil, Edited March 2010. Updated June 2011)
-Fat in the Liver (fatliver, Edited May 7, 2010.)
-Sugar Risks (sugarhazards, Edited April, 2010, Updated August 2010.)


-Alzheimer's Disease (nlt/alzheimer, Edited November, 2008. updated December 2010)
-Arteriosclerosis and the Outdated Cholesterol Myth (nlt14, Edited February 2007. Updated June 2011)
-Cancer and selenium (nlt9, Updated August 2008)
-Cancer and the diet. (nlt3, Updated: July 2010)
-Celiac Disease, Crohn disease and Gluten intolerance (gluten, Edited July 2011)
-Cellulite (nlt24, Edited July 2008)
-Childbirth (nlt/childbirth, edited Dec 2009)
-Essential n-3 Fatty Acid Deficiency Diseases (nlt13e4, Edited April 6, 2001. Update June 3,2003)
-Hypothyroidism (nlt9e2, Updated November 2002)
-Intestinal Malabsorption (nlt7, Updated: April 2008)
-Macular Degeneration. (nlt2, updated July 2010)
-Overweight and Obesity (nlt23, Edited July 2008)
-Pregnancy : A Study Of 35 Prepared Pregnancies(nlt5e2, Updated: July 2011)
-Pregnancy Preparation (nlt5e1, Updated: July 2011)
-Pregnancy Strategy (nlt5, Updated: July 2010)
-Prostate Cancer (nlt20, Edited May 20, 2007)
-Stress Can Hurt You. How To Avoid It (nlt22, Edited February 6, 2008, updated April 2008)
- Estrogen Dominance in Women (EdinWomen, edited June 2008,updated July 2010)
- Estrogen Dominance in Men
(EdinMen, Edited JUne 2008, updated July 2010)


-Aluminum (nlt6, Updated: April 2009)
-Bones, Calcium and Beyond (nlt15, Edited August 2001. Updated May 2008)
-Brain function (nlt10, Updated November 2002)
-Carbohydrates (nlt8, Updated: September 2005)
-Carbohydrates: Their Great Variety (nlt8.1, Updated September 2005)
-Carbohydrates in Our Biochemistry (nlt8.2, Updated September 2005)
-Essential Fatty Acids (nlt13e2,Edited April 12, 2001. Updated June 10, 2007)
-Nature of Fat (nlt13e1, Edited April 9,2001. Updated June 10,2007)
-Silver, A Beneficial Heavy Metal (nlt18, Edited April 2002. Updated October 2002)
-Frequently Asked question about heavy metals in supplements (heavymetals. Edited July 2010)
-Resveratrol (resveratrol. Edited October 2010)


-BOOK: The American Diet: A Recipe For Disaster (book, Edited September 14, 2003. Updated September 19, 2003)
-Interesting Links (nlt12, Updated December 2001)

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