EXPOSED: The Fallacies About Cholesterol and Animal Fat.

The Longevity Institute recommends to visit:

1 - The website of Uffe Ravnskov MD,PhD

(Quote) The idea that too much animal fat and high cholesterol are dangerous to your heart and vessels is nothing but a myth. Here are some astonishing and frightening facts ...... (End quote)

 2 - The website of The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics (THINCS)

(Quote) For decades, enormous human and financial resources have been wasted on the cholesterol campaign, more promising research areas have been neglected, producers and manufacturers of animal food all over the world have suffered economically, and millions of healthy people have been frightened and badgered into eating a tedious and flavorless diet or into taking potentially dangerous drugs for the rest of their lives. As the scientific evidence in support of the cholesterol campaign is non-existent, we consider it important to stop it as soon as possible.
The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics is a steadily growing group of scientists, physicians, other academicians and science writers from various countries. Members of this group represent different views about the causation of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, some of them are in conflict with others, but this is a normal part of science. What we all oppose is that animal fat and high cholesterol play a role. The aim with this website is to inform our colleagues and the public that this idea is not supported by scientific evidence; in fact, for many years a huge number of scientific studies have directly contradicted it. (End Quote)

3 - You should also browse the publications of the members of The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics.

4 - Read the full story of the "Oiling of America" published in 1999 by Mary G. Enig. PhD. an expert of international renown in the field of lipid biochemistry. She has headed a number of studies on the content and effects of trans fatty acids in America and Israel, and has successfully challenged government assertions that dietary animal fat causes cancer and heart disease. Recent scientific and media attention on the possible adverse health effects of trans fatty acids has brought increased attention to her work.

Other web pages of interest:

- The web site "Second Opinions" from Dr Barry Groves, PhD

(Quote) Over the past couple of decades there has been a growing concern about fats and cholesterol. Dieticians, nutritionists and doctors have been telling us that fat is a killer. Governments have introduced national policies based around its reduction. Eat less cholesterol, saturated fat and salt, eat more fibre-rich foods we are all told. The evidence is incontrovertible that if we do not, we are doomed to the West's greatest killer - heart disease.

But is the evidence so clear? Despite the certainty implied by the propaganda, the debate continues in the medical journals, behind the scenes. Is diet a killer? Apart from those with a very rare disease, has cholesterol got anything to do with heart disease - or any other disease? And even if it has, will a change of diet be beneficial?

- Read an an article from the San Diego Union-Tribune

(Quote) July 17, 2004 TRENTON, N.J. – Most of the heart disease experts who urged more people to take cholesterol-lowering drugs this week have made money from the companies selling those medicines.(End quote)

Then Have a Good Lauch

at the web page of the Weston A. Price Foundation

(Quote) The following "Press Release" satire imagines a time in the not-too-distant fulture when humanity dies out from following the cholesterol theory of heart disease.(End quote)