NEWSLETTER 22 : Don't Let Stress Hurt You                                                                          Updated April 2008

In February 2008, the American Psychological Association (APA) published an article entitled "Managing Your Stress in Though Econimic Times".

However the recommendations of the APA to cope with stress ignore how supplementing your diet with nutraceuticals can protect you from the health consequences of chronic stress.


1 - Stress distorts your feelings and your thoughts.  

Under Stress you may experience more anger, anxiety, burnout, confusion, depression, feelings of iinsecurity, forgetfulness, guilt, inability to concentrate, irritability, job dissatisfaction, mood swings, resentment, restlessness, sadness, seeing only the negative and worrying.

2 - Stress changes your behavior.

Stressed people more than others burst out in anger, blame others, have cry spells. Their productivity decreases.

3 - Above all-and this may well be its most noxious effect, stress deeply affects your bodily functions.

Stress may trigger all kind of symptoms, among them headaches, poor memory, back pain, chest pain, clenched jaws, constipation, diarrhea, high blood pressure, increased sweating, muscle aches, pounding heart, sex problems, upset stomach, tiredness, tooth grinding, weight gain or loss and much more.


Stress Is A Health Hazard


Stress affects your body so insidiously you may believe some illness is to blame for the headaches, the poor productivity at work or for the problems with your memory...

And there is much more: Stress is a health hazard, a risk factor for hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Stress lowers your immune defense favoring infection, allergy and the development of auto-immune conditions. Stress also increases the occurrence of cancer.


Protection By Supplements


- In a 6 months study involving 42 stressed adults the daily intake of multivitamins and probiotics produced a 40% improvement in stress symptoms and lowered by 30% the frequency of infections and the stress related signs of gastrointestinal discomfort by 90%. (PMID:12201355)

- In a double-blind randomized-control trial with 80 participants the daily intake of a mineral and vitamin product significantly reduced anxiety and the perception of stress. (PMID:10907676)

- In another multiple-dose, double-blind, placebo-controlled,double-center study involving two groups of 150 patients taking minerals and vitamins there was a significant improvement in stress symptoms. (PMID:11234653)

- A recent Japanese study demonstrates the beneficial effect of long-chain essential omega-3 fatty acids in combating depression. (PMID:18061404)

- Anti-oxidants and vitamins of the B group supplementation alleviate stress symptoms in human

(PMID:16366511) and in animal experiment (PMID:17368574)

- In animal experiment vitamin C deficiency aggravates stress symptoms. (PMID: 17186183)

- Administration of vitamin E in experimental animal stress causes a progressive decrease of stress induced peroxidation and platelet adhesion. (PMID:12638285)



Protect yourself from the health consequences of stress

by following the recommendations of the Longevity institute:

If you are already taking minerals and vitamins, probiotics, long chain omega-3 essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, STICK TO IT.

If not, it is time to start supplementing your diet with:

Minerals and Vitamins,


Long chain omega-3 essential fatty acids




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