Longevity Institute Newsletter13.1c

Data and Illustrations Related to Newsletter13

Note Concerning the Desaturation
of Saturated Fatty Acids

Both palmitoleic and oleic fatty acids can be synthesized in animals (human included) respectively from 16.0/palmitic acid/hexadecanoic acid and from 18.0/stearic/octodecanoic acid by the enzyme acyl. CoA (delta)9 desaturase. The enzyme enters a double bond in position 9 (cis).

Both gadoleic and erucic acid are synthezised by elongation of oleic acid.

The enzymatic conversion of saturated fatty acids to unsaturated forms has been found in animal experiment to be influenced by various factors.

It is of particular interest to notice that:
- Age reduces the activity of the enzyme delta 9-fatty acid desaturase
- Trans fatty acids inhibit the desaturase enzymes
- The activity of the enzyme delta 9-desaturase is significantly lower in vitamin A-deficient rats as compared with their controls
- Phytosterols activates the delta 5-, delta 6- and delta 9-fatty acid desaturases.

(More to come ASAP)