Longevity Institute Newsletter13.1a

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The Nine Most Frequent Saturated Fatty Acids
Occuring in Human and in Animal Biology.

Numbers Usual Names Chemical Names
4.0 butyric acid butanoic acid
6.0 caproic hexanoic
8.0 caprylic octanoic
10.0 capric decenoic
12.0 lauric dodecenoic
14.0 myristic tetradecenoic
16.0 palmitic hexadecenoic
18.0 stearic octodecenoic
20.0 arachidic eicosenoic

Table 1 : The eight most frequent saturated fatty acids occurring in animal and human biology.
The first digit in the signs of column one indicates the number of carbon atoms of the fatty acid molecule. The second digit indicates the number of double bonds between the carbon atoms of the molecule.