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Definition :

The Longevity Institute is a California non profit research corporation sponsored by the companie


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Statement :

Living organisms are temporary aggregates of molecules extracted from their environment. To stay alive living organisms have to maintain and renew themselves.
The process of maintenance and renewal is a continuous effort. One can truly say that we are what we eat or better that we are what we absorb from what we eat (and from the air we breathe).

A deficiency in the diet result in mediocre health condition and shorter life span.

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Information :

The Website of the Longevity Institute provides information linking nutrition and good health and information about the health benefits of nutritional supplements.
The Longevity Institute also answers questions about health

Address your query at edv@longevinst.org

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Code of Conduct :

The Longevity Institute adheres to the Code of Conduct for Medical and Health Websites published by the Health On the Net Foundation (HON).
Created in 1995, HON is a not-for-profit International Swiss Organization. HON's mission is to guide lay persons or non-medical users and medical practitioners to useful and reliable online medical and health information. HON provides leadership in setting ethical standards for Web site developers.

The confidentiality of personal data from visitors to this Web site and from correspondents, including their identity, is respected by the Longevity Institute.

Where appropriate, information contained on this site will be supported by clear references to source data and, where possible, have specific HTML links to that data.

The date of publication and of last update is displayed in each page.

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Lexicon and Abstracts :

The lexicon provides explanation for the technical terms used in the newsletters. The classification of the terms is alphabetical.
The text of the lexicon comes from the Webster's New World Dictionary Third College Edition, from the Physician's Desk References 1998, and from the Faber Medical Dictionary Third Edition.
The abstract pages list the abstracts of the publications cited in the newsletter.

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Copyright :

It is the policy of the Longevity Institute that each citation in the website be accompanied by a valid reference.
Text copied from the Longevity Institute website is for non commercial use only. Each copy shall indicate the origin, the date of copy and the URL of the Longevity Institute website.
Example of a reference text: "The above citation was copied (date) from the Longevity Institute web site: http://www.longevinst.org/"

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Author :

Edmond Devroey, M.D. is the director of the Longevity Institute. Dr. Devroey has worked for over thirty five years in clinical medicine and research, with expertise in Ob-Gyn, tropical diseases, and nutrition. Resume

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Disclaimer :

The information published in the Longevity Institute we site is for education purpose only. This information is not intended to replace the advice of a professional health care provider. Visitors of the Longevity Institute Newsletters Site are strongly encouraged to verify the information provided with their professional health care provider.  The Longevity Institute is not responsible for the results obtained through the implementation of any information contained in the Longevity Institute web site, and no persons involved in the conception and the maintenance of the Longevity Institute web site shall be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or any other possible damages arising from the utilization of the information provided.
The Longevity Institute is wholly independent of the companies Youngevity, Ancient Legacy, SupraLife, Bio-Lumin Essense, Nuvante, Tidal Wave and Projoba which are not responsible for the content of the Longevity Institute’s web site.

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