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Here you will find lists of URLs from websites selected by the Longevity Institute for their informative value. The lists are per topic.

1 - All URLs were active on the publication date of the list. Some of them, however, may have disappeared thereafter. Should an URL not work by clicking on it, please do not conclude immediately that it is outdated. Instead, copy it to the URL in your browser. If this still does not open a webpage, the URL is inactive.
2 – Each list of URLs is (partially) organized as follows; (1) Media, (11) Search Engines, (12) Anecdotal, (13) Associations, (2) Information, (21) Mercola, (22) Forum, (3) Physiology, (31) Diet, (32) Prevention, (4) Study, (4a) Study review, (5) Hypothesis, (6) References, (7) Epidemiology, (8) Dosage, Treatment (81) Laboratory result interpretation, (9) Tests, (91) Symptoms.
3- In the text “E on” means “Effect on”. “E of” stands for “Effect of”.
4 - To open some of the web sites you may need the Adobe Reader software available for download free of charge at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html
5 – Particularly interesting references have their title in red.
6 – The text between the heading (in bold) and the URL (in blue) is a descriptive summary of the corresponding website by the Longevity Institute.

Example of an URL in a List edited by the Longevity Institute
Alzheimer E of n-6 EFAs
(4) Scientists have found a link between the degenerative brain disease and raised levels of an omega-6 fatty acid found in red meat, poultry, cereals, eggs, nuts and most vegetable oils. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1078953/What-eat-raise-risk-Alzheimers-discovery-paves-way-treatment.html?ITO=1490

NOTE: Please be aware that information provided by websites may be copyrighted. Do not copy, duplicate or publish it to others without quote signs and without mentioning the source URL and/or the company’s name, like [(quote):” text” (end quote) from “URL” or “company’s name”]


You will receive the list of your choice as a Word formatted attachment to an e-mail.

Available Lists (more to come)

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T O P I C URLs Price  
Cholesterol 50 $2.50
EFAs 35 $1.70
Obesity 109 $5.45
Alzheimer 137 $6.85
Gluten 53 $2.65

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