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Statins in chewing gum?

Why not? It may be the next idea of a crazy physician.
One of them already recommends statins in fast food...

Concerning the "usefulness" of Statins drugs, read Dr Mercola.
If it is not cholesterol clogging the arteries, then what causes hearth attack?

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  47. why not simply put them in the water with the fluoride?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to announce a new facet of one stop shopping.

    Gone are the days when a doctor will advise you to make life style changes to improve your health, instead you will be able to order your Lipitor with a side of Burger and Fries!

    Talk about a new marketing ploy! Drug reps will now be spending time at your favourite fast food chains and take-away stores, pushing their ‘quick fix’ drugs to medically uneducated burger ‘flippers’ and salt shaker fillers.


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