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Commentator Bias

The co-author of the paper “ADHD Is Associated With a 'Western' Dietary Pattern in Adolescents”, Dr. Wendy Oddy said in her comments:
“Our analysis found that higher levels of behavior and emotional problems were associated with a more Western-style way of eating, namely a diet high in takeaway foods, red meat, confectionary, soft drinks, white bread and unrefined cereals,”

Out of this press commentator Jess Halliday makes:
“A new study from Australia has suggested that ADHD in adolescents could be linked to Western diets, which tend to be high in total fat, saturated fat, refined sugar and sodium.”

Comments of the Longevity Institute

Thus, whatever the conclusion of a study may be, brain washed commentators still adhere to the obsolete fat, saturated fat and sodium myths and see a confirmation of that legend even in a research paper that does not mention it…

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