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Worse Than Bullying

Quoted from Charles Dharapa In USA TODAY:
President Obama opened a White House conference on school bullying today by saying that all Americans -- parents, teachers, coaches, and people in general -- have a responsibility to make sure children are not threatened or intimidated by their peers.
Bullying is not "a harmless rite of passage," but can have "destructive consequences for our young people" -- from poor grades to suicide.
"Sometimes we've turned a blind eye to the problem," Obama said.

During this time, I would like to blow the whistle about a custom having a greater destructive effect than the bullying of children by their peers since it involves harmless babies exposed to the absentminded routine of adults.
Why do we let so many newborns cry endlessly in maternity wards and later in the isolation of their crib? Our handling of premature babies is even worse. Instead of enjoying their mother, they spend the first weeks of their existence out of the womb in the solitary confinement of an incubator.

For more information regarding the consequences of our actions on newborns, please visit:






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