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Premature Childbirth and Diet

The review article: "The Enigma of Spontaneous Preterm Birth", publishes February 11, 2010 by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), concludes that inflammation plays a major role in preterm childbirth and suggests researching how (quote) "...host-microbe interactions shape the immune response, possibly increasing or decreasing the likelihood that an inflammatory response will be directed against the fetus..." (end quote).

1 - The inflammation process that plays a major role in preterm childbirth could well be the result of the sugar and essential omega-6 fatty acids excess in our diet.
An Excess of sugar (hyperglycemia) is a potent inflammatory agent and the omega-6 essential fatty acids exaggerate the immune response to inflammation.

2 - The article rightfully states that the medical approach to increased preterm childbirth results in more premature babies staying alive but that preterm childbirth: (quote) "remains costly in terms of both the suffering of infants and their families..." (end quote).

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